Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Britney Fans Ex Kevin

Do You Want Britney to Dump Kevin?

Britney Spears's fans have launched a website devoted to one single aim, trying to convince their fave popstrel to dump her husband.

The site, helpfully called DivorceKevin.com, contains an online petition for fans to sign, urging Britney to kick Kevin to the curb. There have been 2,342 signatures so far.

The site reads: "Are you sick of seeing the train wreck that is Britney and Kevin? Help Britney remove the boil that is Kevin from herself and her payroll."

And before you roll your eyes and wonder who the hell these people are to muck about in Britney's private life, consider this. Who's been buying Britney's records all this time? Whose money did Britney ACTUALLY spend on Kevin's ridiculously swanky car? That's right, Spears fans, YOURS.

Some might say she's getting off lightly with a petition. If everyone was really serious about this, they'd take their Britney records back and demand a refund unless she dumps him!


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