Monday, December 19, 2005

Say It Ain't So Rach!

Univeristy Crowd Pelts Lip-sinking Stevens

Seems my favourite Popstrel Rachel Stevens has found herself a bit scandalized after making an appearance at Portsmouth University ball last week. Apparently, Rach proceeded to lip-sink her way through a half-hour collection of her greatest hits.

The assembled party-goers decided they wouldn't have any of it and Rach was pelted with stuff, and fled the stage.

A student insider told the Mirror: "We'd paid £27.50 each to get tickets, which is quite a lot when you're a student. Rachel only mimed songs she's released as singles and then the rumour got out that she'd been paid £6,000 for the evening - so no one was very happy with her."

But what were they expecting, Rachel to do obscure album tracks and b-sides with a rock band?


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